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Barba Dermatology & Barba Skin Clinic are now TEMPORARILY closed, until it is deemed safe to reopen. We will be continually evaluating COVID-19 and adjust our schedules as new information comes to light. We will communicate respectfully with status updates via email and text. Barba Dermatology will be available for emergency consultations for our existing patients only. Email info@barbadermatology.com, or text us 786-527-4823 so that a link to a secure telemedicine platform can be provided. DO NOT EMAIL or TEXT US PHOTOS. They will be deleted if not in the secure application. The office will be closed for all phone calls. We look forward to resuming our normal business hours very soon. We thank everyone in advance for your sincere cooperation and understanding in our effort to keep everyone healthy.

“In all aesthetics, whether you’re a
man or a woman, simple is beautiful.

That’s especially true in cosmetic dermatology. Whether you start with removing an unsightly mole or facial spots, or do more advanced techniques like laser resurfacing or injectable wrinkle treatments, the goal is always the same: to reveal your best features and give you a fresh, natural look that doesn’t look forced. We have the technologies to do as little or as much as patients are comfortable with. Simply and safely, together we find the best approach to preserve and enhance your natural look.”

—Alicia Barba, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist